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There really is a Job for Everyone

Jobs For Life is right around the corner, and we are so excited about our class this fall! I am writing this article from my kitchen table while on maternity leave, and I feel a bit disconnected from everything. Maybe you feel that way, too? Summer has meant different schedules and various vacations — packing as much into the few short weeks of summer as possible. I know I certainly enjoy the different pace of summer and some of the perspective it can bring to our “normal” lives. 

One of the challenges, for me anyway, is feeling like the fall is so far away, that while I know the freight train is coming, the horn is so faint I can easily tune it out. Then suddenly the fall comes blaring in and there are so many things to do, commitments to make, and schedules to arrange. If you find yourself in this position, reading Branches and thinking “Well, I guess I’ll look into Jobs for Life next year because I missed the champion training deadline,” THINK AGAIN!

We have so many meaningful ways for you to engage, and it’s not too late for any job! How do you know where to plug in? Here are some suggestions:

  • You appreciate that Jobs for Life ministers with adults, but you find that you are drawn more to ministry with children. Great! I have a job for you! We need childcare volunteers at Jobs for Life. This is one of the most critical areas of service, because offering free childcare allows single parents as well as married couples to take advantage of this class. Most classes of this kind do not offer free childcare, and this means people who need it the most are left with few options. There is no resume writing, interview strategy, or conflict resolution required for this area of service (I take that back: there is endless conflict resolution, but it usually involves LEGO or cheerios). Commitment: 5:00-8:15pm 1 night / week for class duration is best, but we can be flexible.
  • You have a busy schedule with work, and while you wish you could share some of the lessons God has taught you throughout your career, you simply cannot commit consistently to 1x / week from August - October. No problem, I have a job for you! Some of the most powerful take-aways for our students (and volunteers) come from our business panel members. During two of our classes we ask local business men and women to share about their work environments, personal career paths, and the character traits that are critical to life-giving employment. Commitment: 1 hour, 1 night this fall.  You so wish that you could get out in the evenings, even just a few times, to help with Jobs for Life in a meaningful way, but you cannot drive at night, or you need to care for babies or an aging parent. I have perhaps the most meaningful job for you! Pray. Pray specifically for champions and students by name. Pray against Satan’s designs to destroy the dignity of God’s children through racism, sexism, and classism. Pray for God’s healing in the lives of both champions and students as they seek to follow His call toward meaningful work. Pray for employers. Pray for jobs. Pray for our city to grow in ways that benefit everyone, not just a few. I could keep going, and I hope you will, too. Commitment: Pray as you are able (We will send weekly prayer updates, and some individuals may gather at certain times to pray, but this is not a requirement.)
  • You want to invest in an individual student, but you’re nervous. Maybe you don’t feel very outgoing, or you wonder whether the resume writing you did ten years ago will still help anyone today. I have a job for you! Come to champion training. Even if you are reading this August 8th and missed the first one, come to the next one anyway! Whether you decide to serve as a champion or not, you will leave with a better understanding of the issues facing the unemployed in our community and the ways that the church is uniquely equipped to minister the gospel in this context. Commitment: 5:30-7:30pm, August 7, 14, 21, 28.