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Praying for Peru

You probably know by now that we have 15 members and students going to Peru this summer, but did you know that you are sending them? If you are tithing at Southwood, part of that money is making this trip and ongoing partnership possible. If you ate at Big Rosie’s, joined in the babysitting night, or contributed funds for a specific individual on the trip - you helped send this team! These 15 people are not going on a special trip for extra spiritual people; they are going as humble representatives of Christ and of Southwood to serve alongside our partners and encourage them in their ministry!

As their departure approaches, our team needs their church body praying for them. One of the things our team has talked about throughout our training is the fact that we go to Peru not as saviors, but as dependent servants and learners. Our team’s dependence is evident in many ways. They will depend on a translator to navigate language; they will depend on Scripture Union’s staff to provide transportation, lodging, and food; they will depend on each other as they operate outside of their comfort zone. However, our team has been and continues to be most dependent on our Heavenly Father. They depended on Him to provide the funds for the trip, and they will continue to depend on Him to provide for them spiritually, emotionally, and physically as they engage in unfamiliar ministry. As our team navigates natural anxieties about international travel, not to mention the new disaster response role they’ll be playing, they will be daily dependent upon God’s provision of mental and emotional peace. As they seek to minister lovingly in Christ’s name, they will be dependent upon God to know what to say (or not say), and when to act.

So it is fair to say that our team needs you now more than ever! Whether you’ve already signed up to pray for an individual team member or not, we covet your prayers for our partners in Peru and our team as they head to the field. Here are some specific ways you can be praying over the next two weeks!

1.) For emotional and mental peace as natural anxieties arise close to departure.
2.) For smooth logistics as they navigate flights, buses, and hotels.
3.) For extra grace and strength for our partners at Scripture Union as they have to work very hard hosting international teams.
4.) For the house parents and boys at the Ica Girasoles home, that God would use our team to encourage them well in this season of challenging disaster response in their region.
5.) For safety on the field and freedom from illness, both for our team and the Scripture Union staff.
6.) For Christ’s name to be exalted, and for His church to be established in a town that is reeling from disaster and without a strong, evangelical presence.
7.) For God to teach our team more about Himself through this trip, and to stir in their hearts a deeper love for Him and passion for His kingdom that would transform their lives (and our church) over the coming years.