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Family Ministry Moment: House On The Rock

Family Ministry Moment: House On The Rock

House On The Rock
This week’s Family Ministry Moment is a fun “Three Minutes to Win It” Family Challenge! To complete this challenge you’ll need Legos, a computer or tablet to watch a music video, and about 10 minutes with your family.

To Play: Watch/listen to this awesome music video by JumpStart3 “House On The Rock” and see who in your family can build the most solid Lego house in the duration (3:35) of this fun song.  (You can work to build a house together or you can each build your own house to compare at the end.)  The Key Principle is simple: If you build your foundation solidly on the Lord, you will be able to survive anything.

Then discuss questions like:

1. Did your house stand or fall? Why did it stand (or fall)?
2. Why would you want your house to be strong?
3. During a storm, what would happen to your house was weak (if you built it on sand)?
4. Why do some people build their houses on sand? (Guided response: They are lazy or short sighted, naive -they think storms won’t happen to them)
5. What would happen if you built your house on rock?
6. If our house is our life and how we live, how we can keep standing in the storms of life? (Guided response: KNOW God, and DO what He tells us to do.)