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What Does Love Mean To You?

We asked our kids what love meant to them. Here are a few of their responses:

“We love each other as much as we love God. We spend time together.”
—Mia Welch

“It means family.  I give them hugs and kisses and I’m kind to them.”
—Walker Welch

“Love means to take care of each other.”
—Will Broach

“Lot of hugs, kisses and my family, and our dogs in heaven.”
—Matt Broach

“All things bright and beautiful. That’s what Grandmaw’s song is.”
—Walton Ainsworth

“It means you have a crush on somebody.”
—Zave Minish

“Love is a microphone.”
—Norah Minish

“Being good to those around you.”
—Pierson Moyer

“To treat others with kindness.”
—Payne Moyer

“It means to be kind to others and love others.”
—Payden Pearson

“Love means kindness and helping others. Giving hugs and dancing.”
—Porter Pearson

“Love is helping someone as a friend by helping him do something nice when they ask you to do something and treating someone the way they would like to be treated.”
—Carson Utley

“Love means Mom, Dad and Robbins (her brother).”
—Landry Lowe  

“Love means everything to me.”
—Robbins Lowe

“Love is liking something from the deepest part of your heart.”
—Sara Snyder

“Love is Cheesus (Jesus)!”
—Silas Snyder

“Kissing others, hugging and sharing books and not being mean and listening to who tells you to do something like Mom or Dad or God or Grandparents.”
—Miles Render

“Hugging, kissing, singing to the whole entire world.”
—Hosea Render

“I really like you and I can’t stop.”
—Clara Barnette

“It’s when they step forward and start hugging me.”
—Henry Barnette

“Giving, and sharing, and not lying. It means God.”
—Maggie McCann

“God made me to know it, everyday and every night.”
—Berkeley Blackwell

“It means being helpful and kind.”
—Ethan McCrary