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Christmas Family Traditions

Christmas time can bring reminiscence of past Christmas traditions or the creation of new traditions with children or grandchildren. We hope this season brings a little bit of both for you and your family! Here are a few that folks have shared with us!

“For our family daily Advent activity, we have a large Nutcracker-shaped box, with little doors to open.  Each day the girls open a door and inside is a piece of paper with a question, or instruction for the day related to Christmas, Jesus, or loving one another.  The questions have changed over the years but this we’ve done since we had only one daughter. Now we have two, and they’re 12 &17.  I hope to carry this on with my future grandchildren!” —Rachael Martin

“Growing up we always answered the phone or greeted visitors on December 24 with “Christmas Eve gift!” It was a competition for who could remember to say it first. The angle being whomever didn’t say it first had to give the other a gift (though that part wasn’t enforced).” —Chantel Minish

“My dad (90 years old) makes about 75 phone calls every Christmas Eve afternoon & evening from “You know who?”....Ho Ho Ho! From the North Pole… Great for the kiddos, but we never get to see him Christmas Eve because he is always on the phone! Gotta love him!” —Nancy McCreight

“My grandfather used to tell us the Christmas story (from Luke) from memory when we were kids. After he passed, my father continues the tradition every year.” —Reeves Fancher

“When my brother and I were little we always had our stockings hanging on our bedroom door so we always woke up early and opened them together. My children also do this and I hope for them to have those early mornings opening stockings together before the rest of the house is up. It is something that can travel with us wherever we are Christmas morning!” —Stephanie Pearson

“The tradition that Tyanna and I have with our kids is that every year, when we put up the Christmas tree, we do three things: we decorate the tree while recalling what is special about each ornament, we make hot chocolate, and we listen to a specific Christmas CD.” —Tim & Tyanna Holbrook

“My children and granddaughter come to our home and we bake Christmas goodies every year. They ‘Tin them up’ in cookie tins and take them to their friends and neighbors. This has been done for over 25 years. Not unusual but a treasure to me each year!” —Pat Six