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Vital Brotherhood

2016 Men’s Retreat

The men of Southwood left this year’s retreat increasingly convinced of their need for God and their need for each other. Pastor Ron shared some of his life story with the group and provided a window into how “the gospel transforms a pastor.” In between these times around God’s Word, they ate a lot, played a little bit, and prayed extensively for each other. While the weekend was short, the sense of need and God’s gracious provision for man’s need was profound.

In addition to an encouraging weekend, some men’s small groups are forming already from the weekend to deepen the relationships invested in on the retreat. The need to be in each other’s lives and in God’s Word together is much more than one weekend a year, and opportunities to be a part of such groups will continue. If you’re ever interested in connecting with some other men, contact Pastor Ron at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


“What a group! It has now been ten days since the 2016 Men’s Retreat at Alabama’s beautiful DeSoto State Park. The sweet memories continue along with the gratitude for the fellowship we enjoy with our awesome Christian brothers at Southwood. This was an opportunity to meet our new pastors and to learn about men and families and jobs as well as triumphs and tribulations in the fellowship. It was truly a blessing to be with the 30 plus men for an overnight adventure of ‘iron sharpening iron’! Hopefully next year we can enjoy the presence of some unable to attend this year.”
— Al Eller


“I really enjoyed my first time experiencing the Southwood Men’s Retreat. It was great to get to a slower place and have a slower pace for a couple of days and be given the opportunity to spend time with the men of Southwood. We have a fun group of men at our church, and I am thankful for the chance to get to talk with some guys that I don’t normally get to talk with and to argue with some guys that I don’t always have time to argue with. I left the retreat feeling encouraged in my faith and in my life and with the experience of getting to know some of the men of our church better. I will be excited to get to attend again next year.”
—Jeremy McCoy