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    Administrative Assistant
  • Derrick Harris
    Assistant Pastor, Shepherding & Young Families
  • Angela Sierk
    Director, Children's Ministry
  • Niña Banta Cash
    Director, Nursery
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    Director, Community Development
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    Director, Facilities/Finance
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Question and Answer

Question and Answer

What was your senior superlative in high school? And if one wasn’t bestowed upon you, what would it have been?
Ron: I can’t remember if I was bestowed with a senior superlative.  That was a really long time ago.  It might have been “Best Afro“.  I was a pretty nondescript kid back then.  I was too scared to stand out, fearing I would do something stupid.
Peter: I was “tallest” as well as “most likely to remember every line from every Saved By The Bell at 35.”  One of those is more true than the other.

What is your favorite city to visit? 
Ron: Hands down, Salzburg, Austria.  While living in Budapest, we had opportunity to visit there a few times.  We loved it when friends and family would visit, and we could take them there.  The old streets and the lake district just east of there are wonderful, especially around Christmas time.
Peter: St. Louis has so many awesome and free things to do for families, couples, and singles.  You can go to a part of town in the afternoon, enjoy a park, eat at an affordable and unique place, walk around after and be entertained by something unique from that part of town.  The next day/weekend, you can go to another part of town and have a similarly different experience.

What is your favorite thing about Southwood so far?
Ron: I would say the sweet climate among the elders.  This is unfortunately not that common among PCA churches.  With this many elders, the peaceful relationships that exist among them is delightful.
Peter: Will Spink, worship, and the acceptance of the Oxford comma.

What would your occupation be if you were not a pastor? 
Ron: If I had not gone to seminary, I would probably have gone to school to be a sound/recording engineer.  I have a great love for music.  I am not a great musician, but I am blessed with a good ear.  I spent two years working with a music group with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) as a sound technician, and I loved making that group sound good.  One of my unrealized dreams is to have a little recording studio in my basement where my family and I could record music together.
Peter: I love to teach and would probably be a college or seminary professor.

What event in your own life most led you to consider a call to vocational ministry? 
Ron: Soon after I was converted, I struggled to find solid spiritual nourishment.  The church in my home town that I attended since I was in Jr. High was not a good source.  My new found exuberance over knowing Jesus was not warmly embraced.  So I had to look elsewhere.  I found two places that encouraged me in my new faith.  The first was the Campus Crusade meetings back at Marshall University, which was 1 1/2 hours drive every Tuesday night.  I came to know Christ through that ministry, and I really enjoyed the fellowship there.  It was worth the long trip.  The other was Billy Graham.  He was on TV a lot back in the mid 70’s.  As I watched him, I began to think that I would love to do that for a living.  Obviously I did not become a great crusade preacher, but those evenings with Billy were life-changing.
Peter: When my wife agreed to it, I knew it was time.  When we were dating in high school, I told her that I would love to be a pastor or missionary.  She kindly responded, “Hmmmm, I wonder who you will marry, then.”  That kind of a 180º can only be a God thing.



Auburn or Alabama?
Ron: Auburn (by marriage), when they don’t play the Thundering Herd.
Peter: Which is your favorite?

Coffee or tea?
Ron: Is there even debate here?  Tea, absolutely!  It is a refined, civilized drink.
Peter: Coffee.

Ford or Chevy?
Ron: Ford.  I used to be the owner of a 1991 Ranger pickup with a 4 l v/6 engine.  That was one sweet truck.
Peter: Chevy.

Cold weather or hot weather? 
Ron: Definitely cold.  My disdain for hot humid climates pointed me to missions in Europe, not in Africa.  I love a fire in the fireplace, coats and scarves, and snow crunching under my feet.  I had the opportunity to travel to Siberia in January back in 2006, and loved it.
Peter: Hot, humid weather.

Lewis or Tolkien?
Ron:Probably Lewis.  I guess I tend more to rational argument rather than artistic story telling, though I do love a good story.
Peter: Lewis.

Piper or Keller? 
Ron: This is like choosing between steak and lobster.  Piper is probably the best at biblical exegesis (Bible text analysis), while Keller is the foremost cultural exegete in the church day.  Both are prominent sources of spiritual encouragement for me.
Peter: Yes.

Football or futbol? 
Ron: While I love college football (Go Herd!) and anxiously await the arrival of September each year, I really love international futbol.  Living for a few years in Europe put this stamp on my life.  I love the World Cup, the Euro Cup, and other international competitions.
Peter: Football.