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Members Connecting with Members

Members Connecting with Members

Does Southwood have a softball team? How about a ministry in Research Park? Does Southwood serve in the local schools? How about taking beach retreats? Well, no, not exactly. But, on the other hand, a resounding YES!

While Southwood as a church does not formally organize, staff, and fund ministries and groups like these, we rejoice in the reality that God’s kingdom advances in all these places and more through the presence, prayers, and efforts of individual Southwood members. Every week we leave our corporate gathering to labor in ones, twos, and tens throughout Huntsville and beyond for the sake of the kingdom. Every week we leave our brief time together and enjoy opportunities to reconnect with smaller groups during the week for fellowship and fun.

We focus as a church body on ministries God has particularly called us to together like student ministries, shepherding, and community development. Southwood is equally present, however, when the grace of Jesus that a member received in worship flows through them to their workplace, neighbor, or fellow church member. We rejoice in the ways God works through Southwood that the Session or the staff couldn’t even keep track of, much less plan and coordinate!

At the same time, we do find it valuable for members who share passions and gifts to be able to connect with each other for the sake of fellowship or service together. You could think of this like going to college, where there is a group or club for every interest you can imagine and you can create one if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

You can find these groups on the Southwood Tower (our online database), and there are instructions on this page for how to connect. There are also hard copies of groups and descriptions in the Guest Center. The 15-20 current groups range from those who enjoy getting together for hiking or crafting to those who have a passion for serving a local school or mission partners around the world. There is a group of men who just started a softball season in the city league, a group of women who are headed to the beach together in a few weeks, and many more. Of course, if you don’t see a group for something that you love, you can start it yourself; just call the church office for help with a very simple process for creating a group.

One final encouragement: There are two much larger groups on the Tower that you can join—Member Prayer Requests and Member Announcements. These groups enable us to share newly formed groups like the ones mentioned above so that people can join as well as current prayer needs so that brothers and sisters can be caring for each other. Anyone can share through these groups, and we have been using them very respectfully for years now (inboxes have not been flooded with e-mails!). So I’d really urge you to connect with the beauty of what God is doing not only when we gather together but also when we scatter around the city for the sake of the kingdom!