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Small Groups

Mixed Group
by Aaron Shaffer

My wife, Christen, and I have been married a little over a year now.  One of the things that was really important for us was getting into a couples’ small group.  We were really excited to be placed with some amazing couples—some of which we already knew, others whom we didn’t.  But I could tell from the first time we met that these were people that could be honest with one another.  I remember my wife and I talking after small group, thankful that God had provided this group. Little did we know how much we would need them. 

Several months after being in our small group I got the tragic news that my brother died suddenly and unexpectedly.  The first person to come sit with me while I cried was an Elder in our small group, while many others prayed and checked in on us. Over the course of the next couple weeks our small group showed up for us in many different ways—cooking meals, providing comfort and just giving us a place where I could just be myself.  I remember having no energy and not wanting to socialize at all (surprising if you know me), but I found myself looking forward to small group.  Our small group has taken the summer off, but I can’t wait to start back up in the fall.

I believe there is a lot of power in being in community and I’ve witnessed first-hand what a small group can offer.  I would highly encourage others to join small groups and maybe even consider volunteering to facilitate small groups too.


Women’s Group
by Martha Brady

Small groups of women over the years have been invaluable! How can you put a price on friendship that is deeper than trite pleasantries passed on a Sunday morning?

For me, Thursday mornings at Southwood involve getting to know women of all ages around GOD’s Word as we study, discuss, learn, encourage each other and pray for heart needs. It involves a group of small groups that meet together with nursery provided. Our age range is from 20-90!

We moved here 3 years ago. I was newly retired from nursing, only knowing our daughter and her family. As a result of Thursdays, I have a variety of friends in a new church, that have helped me become part of this place I now call home.

Each year has brought growth for me in new directions. Each year has also brought its share of new challenges. I observe that most of the women in mixed groups here don’t engage in the same way as the women only groups. Honest questions come more freely, prayers tend to be more open, vulnerability is more present.

Come join us on Thursday mornings this Fall as we grow together, studying Hebrews with Nancy Guthrie’s study guide HOPING FOR SOMETHING BETTER: Refusing to Settle for Life as Usual.


Men’s Group
by Vinit Mahesh

I have been in a men’s small group for about 7 years. Over the years, we have learned to trust one another to the point that we can be bluntly honest about our personal struggles with life and sin. Having the accountability of brothers in Christ who love, learn, and pray together is such a crucial part of my ability to navigate through life’s complexities. I wish every man in the church was in such a group!

The co-leader, Curt, and I are in our mid-50’s, and the other guys in our group are in their 20’s and 30’s. We typically start with a meal and then transition to a Bible study, and it has been exciting to comprehensively study Old and New Testament books over the years. We end each meeting by praying for one another and have shared experiences of new marriages, deaths of parents, marital issues, births of children, and job and career changes. The group has allowed me both to grow in Christ, and to speak into the lives of younger brothers.


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