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Not My Agenda

Not My Agenda
Summer Sunday School, Our Cultural Landscape, and Life in Two Kingdoms


“Did you see our neighbor’s yard sign?”
“I did!  How can she even think about voting for that candidate?  I thought she was a Christian, and I can’t comprehend how any thinking person could vote that way!”

“What is wrong with those people?  You would think that they would know better than that! I have half a mind to tell them what I think about them and their agenda.  I get angry every time I that see that bumper sticker!”

“So, what do you think about the boycott?  I am thinking about signing on…”
“Are you serious?  That doesn’t make any sense.  How can you do that and still love each person God has created?”

“I can’t believe you are drinking coffee from that country!  Don’t you know that the dictator in that country uses slave labor!?”
Me, looking at my coffee cup, “Umm…”


Have you ever found yourself perplexed with the world around you, the current issues that are pushing everyone’s buttons, and struggling to understand what the real core of the issues are and how you should respond in light of the Gospel?  Have you ever been perplexed about how other Christians in other churches, or even in your own pew, can reconcile their Christian faith and the way they are behaving or the issues they are supporting?

This Summer Sunday School is NOT going to give us all the answers to those legitimately perplexing questions.  Neither is this an opportunity to air all of our opinions on all of the topics (Even the teachers may have to bite their tongues if they have a particularly strong opinion on something).  So what is it we ARE going to do?  Ask a lot of questions.  Have a lot of discussion time. And taking one topic at a time, look at what the issues are, what some of the different perspectives are inside and outside the Church, and talk together to begin to help each other wrestle with how the Gospel can be applied to our hearts as we address these situations. What it WILL do is exercise our capacity to wrestle with these issues in light of a Biblical worldview and in light of the goodness of God’s grace.

If you find yourself confused, angry, or frustrated as I often am, come and join us during the Sunday School hour this summer, and let’s learn better how to encourage each other to love each other and others well.

P.S. If you want my personal opinions on all of the topics we will be discussing this summer, be sure to see me outside of the class ... because the classroom is not where I will be airing them all out! That doesn’t mean I don’t have them; it just means that I know the class is not the place to monologue about my thoughts on everything under the sun but is specifically a place to wrestle with the Gospel implications on my own heart in complicated situations.

Come and discuss peacefully the issues currently trending in our society such as immigration, gender and sexuality, money, pluralism and religious liberty!