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    Administrative Assistant
  • Derrick Harris
    Assistant Pastor, Shepherding & Young Families
  • Angela Sierk
    Director, Children's Ministry
  • Niña Banta Cash
    Director, Nursery
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    Director, Community Development
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    Director, Facilities/Finance
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Sacrificial Ministry

Sacrificial Ministry

Doing ministry like Jesus did ministry means doing ministry that sacrifices.  It means ministry that has compassion, that is welcoming and meets us in our fear to draw us near to the cross and near to the safe refuge of the Father’s heart.

In the Bible, the apostle Paul encourages those who follow Jesus to be imitators of Christ—to love as he loved and serve as he served.  As Christ followers ask for God’s guidance in their lives, the question surfaces—where is God calling me to serve and how might I enter into sacrificial ministry as Christ did?

The High-Life adult leaders embody the sacrificial care, concern and compassion of Jesus to the middle and high school students of Southwood and Huntsville.  Are each of the High-Life leaders broken, messy sinners in need of Jesus saving grace as well as his daily provision?  Absolutely they are.  And their longing to share with the students that very grace and faithfulness from God that they are experiencing is palpable. 

As the ministry seeks to fulfill this passionate call to sacrificially serve and love the students as Christ has served us, the adult leaders express sacrificial ministry in many ways—through both words and actions.  From adult leaders opening the doors and greeting students in order to provide a warm kingdom environment, to having them in their homes weekly, these kind leaders share their very lives with students. From offering equipment to be used on retreats (knowing that the equipment often gets overused and worn), to baking cookies to cooking for large groups of people, these affectionate leaders offer their very lives for these students.  From taking the time to honestly, appropriately and vulnerably share the stories of God’s faithfulness in times of ease and times of extreme difficulty, the High-Life adult leaders seek out Christ in order to know the height, depth, width and length of his love in order that they might share it with others in need. 

Where might God be calling you to share the story of His faithfulness in your life with other people?  Who might need compassionate understanding, care and just plain delicious food to serve them?  What comforts are you clinging to, unwilling to sacrifice for another?  Will you ask the Lord to help you to minister to others the way he has ministered to you?

The youth ministry seeks to care for students by lifting up Christ’s sacrifice and resting in his faithful care.  The leaders look in faith to the Lord for his salvation as they seek to be imitators of Christ.  High-Life has disciples of Jesus at the helm.  And how do you tell a disciple of Jesus?  By their love.