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One-on-One: Take-aways from the Communicants Class

This spring we integrated parent & child time into our communicants class. What a blessing it is to watch parents and children dive into discussion of topics they just learned! As the church, it is a gift to come alongside parents who are the spiritual nurturers of their children. We asked the kids and their parents to give us a few of their take-aways. This is what they said:

“I learned the 5 vows of membership and what they mean.”
–Luke Holbrook (age 9)

“I enjoyed going through the class alongside Luke and having a natural platform for conversation.”
–Tyanna Holbrook (parent)

“I learned about how God is perfect and full of life and we are full of sin and death. Jesus came to die on the cross so that we could have his perfect life and so that he could take our sin and death on Himself. He took our big punishment so that we could have eternal life when we believe and trust in Him.”
–Luke Morris (age 7)

“I have noticed changes in Luke before the communicant’s class, but even more so now afterwards. Two weeks ago, I allowed Luke to stay home from school for a “day off”. After I had been busy for awhile, I found him reading the Jesus Storybook Bible. I asked him what he wanted to do with me on his day off from school. He replied, “Mommy, will you read the Bible to me?” We had an amazing time reading about the life of Josiah and talking about the Book of the Law, what it was, and what all of it had to do with us today and with Jesus.”
–Heather Morris (parent)

“I’ve learned a lot about the church and the sacraments and things like that. What I learned the most about was mainly the church and how it works. I definitely learned a lot about praying and more verses from the Bible that I hadn’t heard before.”
–Andrew Foreman (age 8)

“The biggest takeaway for me was amazement at God’s faithfulness to be at work in the hearts of so many children who span such a large age range and such a wide cross section of Southwood. It was encouraging to me as a parent who often feels inadequate that God’s Word and Spirit are at work in our children’s hearts in ways beyond our understanding and in spite of our parenting failures.”
–John Foreman (parent)

“We cannot be separated from God because Jesus died for our sins… but God is three people, and that makes NO sense.”
–Scarlett Gray (age 9)

“Jesus dying on the cross is our bridge to God.” (As she drew Will’s picture of the two cliffs and the cross, in great detail)
–Sophia Gray (age 8)

“I really liked the class.  I learned a lot… Like almost everything!  I liked being able to talk with Dad about what I learned.”
–Michelle Criswell (age 12)