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What Does Easter Mean To You?

We asked our kids what Easter meant to them. Here are a few of their responses:

Easter is about God dying on the cross and why He did it and eggs and bunnies.
—Brynna Turney

When we hunt for those eggs like we did last time. And God.
—Joe Clark

—Clara Morris

Easter means the time when Jesus rose from the dead… and the day I was born.
—Thomas Watkins

On Easter, I get to go in the music room and sing my Easter songs.
—Jaynie Woods

Jesus rose from the grave… but I was thinking about the candy.
—Paige Heller

That we get to have candy and that we have fun and we get to have a good life about Easter.
—Porter Pearson

Easter means that we celebrate that Jesus rose from the death.
—Jason Woods

It is a time when I can remember what Jesus did for us on the cross and that He rose from the dead. Also, it is a time when we celebrate with our family and friends.
—Pierson Moyer

The cross.
—Emma Kate Chandler

Jesus died on the cross for our sins and He rose from the deadness. He is our holy saver.
—Calvin Sierk

It’s special because Jesus is important.
—Robbins Lowe

Easter is a time you open eggs. And when you open the last one, it’s empty because Jesus came back to life!
—Peyton Jackson

Jesus died on the cross.
—Allie Spink

Jesus dying on the cross for our sins.
—Cole Chandler

Spending time with family and Jesus dying on the cross.
—Will Broach

I know Easter is about Jesus, but my favorite part is hunting Easter eggs because Daddy always lets me go first.
—Ella Garrison

Candy! And Easter eggs!
—Lily Spink

Jesus died. Now I have to exit the market.
—Caroline Joffrion

When we celebrate that Jesus was born, yet He died on the cross for our sins, and we’re celebrating since He loved us. That’s what it’s about.
—Payden Pearson

My teachers hide eggs and we look for them. And God’s birthday.
—Zave Martin

Love. And Jesus lives.
—Mae Watkins

—Silas Elmore

It’s when chickens lay eggs.
—Matthew Broach

The time that Jesus rose again and it’s a special time we celebrate because Jesus saved us.
—Caitlyn Spink

Is Easter ever on a Sunday? It would be smart to have a worship service on a day you would already be at church.
—John Foreman