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A Chance to Recharge

A chance to Recharge at the Southwood Women’s Retreat

When I go on a date with my husband, Brax, I really don’t like to go to the movies. Our lives are so busy! We have two kids who are involved in activities and require lots of attention. He has a job that sometimes involves travel and late nights. We have meetings and life and tiredness. So, when we get to go out together, I want to sit across the table from him and see his face (and eat a meal I didn’t cook)!

I honestly feel similarly when I go on a retreat. We women are BUSY! We have kids, families, work, school, Bible studies, meetings, events, etc! Our lives are full and rich, yet often frenzied. The last thing I want to do is go away for a weekend and feel the same way. So, it was with slight trepidation that I went on Southwood’s Women’s Retreat last year.

I couldn’t believe how restful it felt! We had a lovely speaker who spoke both nights, but much of the remainder of our time was free. I roomed with several of my good friends, and also spent many hours laughing with people I don’t get to see outside of a Sunday morning. Having meals prepared for you is a treat that allows you to really enjoy sitting down at the table with friends. My personal, extroverted version of “retreating” is having lots of time for uninterrupted conversation. I chatted with my roommates, chatted while I ate, chatted while I painted and chatted while I walked around the lake. I know that not everybody gets recharged in that way. While I was busy chatting it up, I know that there were others who used parts of their time to go for a solitary run or sit quietly. After 36 renewing hours, we finished the weekend off with a sweet time of prayer for each other, our families and our church before heading back to the real world.

Relationships are so important. But, in our full and busy lives, sometimes they’re hard to maintain. I love that this weekend is a time to take a break from the norm and focus on connections—some that are already in place and some that are new! Let me encourage you that this retreat is actually a retreat—a time to rest, recharge and connect!