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Five Questions

1.) What led you to start Second Mile Development, Inc. in the Terry Heights Neighborhood?
Mary and I moved home to Huntsville from Nashville to restart Youth for Christ. In our evaluation, we were unsatisfied with the way we ministered to young people in need in Nashville. We built relationships with hundreds of troubled teens and while many of them accepted Christ, little changed in their lives. Despite working with kids all over Davidson County we could see no impact in a community.  We wanted Huntsville to be different. A group of men came forward to try to develop an outreach that would be different. It would be community based. It would be relational in its development. It would not give anything away for free. It would only do what the community wanted to do. Through the 1980 Census, we drew a rectangle around two census tracks that had the highest adult and juvenile crime rates. The community had more renters than owners. The community had the highest number of single parent households living below the poverty line. We found a location and moved in.

2.) After working in Terry Heights for over 29 years, how would you describe the role of Second Mile Development today?
I would describe Second Mile Development as a neighbor to the community. We feel like we are part of this community and know many neighbors personally. We are sensitive to what is said or done to our neighborhood both from the inside and from the outside.

3.) What is one of the many lessons you have learned over the last 29 years of ministry in Terry Heights?
The main lesson I have learned is that Jesus precedes me here. I do not have to carry the news of Christ to Terry Heights; I have the exciting job of discovering where God has already moved in and where He is at work.

4.) What led you to open the Neighborhood Store and Santa’s Secret Shop?
When in Nashville, I and my ministry partners were asked to identify children that needed gifts at Christmas time. We identified children and procured gifts, but after we presented the gifts to the children our friendships with the families broke down. I decided that the relationship with the family was more important than the toy. I wanted to find a better way to give, and particularly a way that guarded and protected the parent’s dignity. At Second Mile Development we found we could do that by creating opportunity. So we formed The Neighborhood Store and Santa’s Secret Shop in an effort to enable parents to provide for their own children.

5.) Besides participating in Santa’s Secret Shop, what is one way Southwood members could get involved with Second Mile Development in the next few months?
The primary way to partner with us at Second Mile is to continue to lift the community of Terry Heights up in prayer. I would also invite you to come visit! Allow us to give you a tour of what God is doing in the community. We encourage you to come on your own, with your family, or even with a small group of families. Come celebrate what your gifts have allowed our brothers and sisters to do for themselves, and witness the pride and dignity that has been rekindled.

Who is Bill McDowell and why ask him?
Bill McDowell is the founder and Executive Director of Second Mile Development Inc, which has served for almost 30 years in the Terry Heights and Hillendale Neighborhoods of Huntsville. He and his wife, Mary, have two children and four wonderful grandchildren.