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Summer of Serving

Summer of Serving

Imagine children entering a camp setting greeted warmly by camp counselors.  High energy buzzing through the air.  Children sitting in the laps of youth and adult leaders, while listening to an interactive Bible story. Youth leaders raising a new camp flag every day and leading camp songs around a campfire.  Youth camp counselors circling up with their assigned small groups leading the children in learning about David,  “a man after God’s own heart.” Welcome to Camp Iwilligoway, our summer Sunday School environment.

The “summer of serving” is what the youth have called it as they plug into areas of service on a Sunday morning. They are putting in action what they have been learning in Sunday School and serving alongside volunteers in Children’s and Nursery environments during the Sunday School hour. What a joy it is to have them in the halls diving into these kids’ lives.  The youth are rock stars to these kids, and the children have loved every minute of it.

Will Talbert says of his experience, “Over the past few weeks the kids have taught me more than I ever thought they could.  The first graders I have been working with have a way of making everything sound so simple.  Hearing things out of their mouths can help me better understand what it means to live God’s way.  Whether we are talking in small groups, playing a game, or singing a song, seeing the kids worship inspires me to pursue a stronger relationship with Christ.”
Children, in their innocence, grasp and understand the Gospel in such concrete ways.  It’s simple and less complicated than we make it out to be. “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.’” Even adults find themselves learning so much in Children’s Sunday School because the gospel also applies to us, not just the children.

“It truly has been a blessing getting to know each of these preschool kids. What a joy to listen to them tell me whatever is on their mind at that moment.  My favorite moment was when we were circled up with a small group of boys and each took a turn answering questions; their answers were eye opening” says Audrey Kelly.

Adult and youth volunteers have linked arms in serving and leading our preschool through 4th grade children this summer.  This is part of the bigger picture of what our adult leaders do year around.  With a growing nursery and preschool group, there are plenty of opportunities to serve.  It’s one of many ways to fulfill your baptismal vow to support the families of this congregation.  If you have a passion for children, it can be very rewarding.

Our Children’s Ministry leadership training, “Kids: Pocket-Sized,” will start everyone at square one.  We’ll have an opportunity to retrain ourselves on what it means to serve Southwood’s children and serve them well.  All full-time volunteers who serve children this fall semester will be required to attend.  Join us August 23. Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for info.