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Picture This

A child’s artwork or drawing is simple, real and authentic. Is there anything that gladdens your heart or brings a smile to your face like a child’s drawing—especially one that has been made just for you? My heart is happily wrapped in delight anytime I see a drawing a child has created, especially if it is a child I know and love. The simple creativity and the refreshing way they see the world is what I love, appreciate, and enjoy.   

Several years ago we began designing our own Kids’ Worship Guide to assist parents in nurturing their children in worship. One purpose for this simple tool is to help a child listen and better understand what is happening in the worship service. The back page is designated for the child to draw a picture of what he sees and hears during the sermon.  These drawings or “Sermon Art” are a delight to read and see each week. Some are funny; some are truly insightful. The pastors and staff are encouraged to know that a child is listening and absorbing some of what is being taught from God’s Word through song, catechisms, the preached Word, and more. A weekly winner is chosen from the submitted drawings and his winning artwork is featured on the cover of the next week’s Kids’ Worship Guide.

You may have glanced down the pew and noticed a child drawing but were unable to get a close look at it by the end of the sermon. In case you haven’t had the privilege of seeing our Southwood children’s work up close or as a finished product, you can here. As you can see, children can grasp spiritual truth and convey these truths in their artwork. They can understand more than we think they do. Our hope is that each child will be a hearer and a doer of the Word, that God will work in each heart at a young age and that they will be kept tender to the things of the Spirit.

Next time you find yourself sitting in the pew encourage your child or grandchild to illustrate a certain point they might hear in the sermon or scripture reading. If you’re feeling artsy, illustrate a point for them to color in. It doesn’t have to be Van Gogh, just something simple.  Perhaps you might use their drawing to engage in conversation with them about the sermon over lunch. Children may not grasp it all but they are learning simple truths that will stay with them for years to come.