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Our PreK & Kindergarteners Impacting Others Abroad

What can PreK and Kindergarteners do to impact those in other countries for Christ?  Buy them baby chicks of course!  And that is exactly what our Kids Worship PreK and K kids did this December.  Through Samaritan’s Purse, our children were able to purchase baby chicks for a family in a poverty stricken country for egg production (both sell and eat) and some for selling.

For the month of December, they were given a goal of buying 3 brood (24 chicks in a brood) for $25/brood.  Their financial goal as a group was to raise $75.  They were encouraged to do chores around the house in order to raise this money.  Not only did they meet their goal but exceeded it by bringing in $120.50.  With an extra $4.50 we will add into this, they have purchased 5 brood (120) of chicks that can help a family with food and an income.  Samaritan’s Purse will make sure the gospel goes hand in hand with this tangible gift to a needy family.

Last year, our PreK and Kindergarteners bought a goat for a needy family through Samaritan’s Purse.  It is never too early to teach our children about serving others.  It is never too early to have them participate in age appropriate service projects.  By doing so, we are building a generation of disciples who will love not only in word but in action to the glory of God!