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    Administrative Assistant
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    Chief Musician
  • Peter Render
    Assistant Pastor, Youth/Families
  • Christine Betts
    Assistant Director, Youth/Families
  • Ty Commons
    Youth & Families Intern
  • Kim Delchamps
    Administrative Assistant
  • Derrick Harris
    Assistant Pastor, Shepherding & Young Families
  • Angela Sierk
    Director, Children's Ministry
  • Niña Banta Cash
    Director, Nursery
  • Robert Blevins
    Director, Community Development
  • Janice Crowson
    Director, Facilities/Finance
  • Daniel Brown
    Print & Digital Media Specialist
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quiet anticipation
quiet anticipation

O God, take me in spirit to the watchful shepherds, and enlarge my mind;
Let me hear good tidings of great joy, and hearing, believe, rejoice, praise, adore,
my conscience bathed in an ocean of repose,
my eyes uplifted to a reconciled Father;
place me with ox, ass, camel, goat to look with them upon my Redeemer’s face,… [more] December 1, 2010 | Karen Parks

listen and tell
listen and tell

Since beginning my job here at Southwood as the Jr. High Female Director, I have been deeply cared for by the church family I have become a part of. Part of being cared for by this family means that I am hearing many stories of God’s work in this community, which are comforting reminders to me of His power and love. Being in a new place and job,… [more] October 1, 2010 | Hayden Howell

meet our administrative assistants
meet our administrative assistants

All who work in the office at Southwood hesitate to use the word “assistant” or “secretary” to describe these wonderful ladies because they are so much more. Whether it is babysitting a staff member’s children, praying for the staff on an especially busy day or ministering to a hurting person who comes into the office, all of these ladies… [more] September 1, 2010 | Various

Moving Forward
Moving Forward

There’s definitely a buzz in the church office these days, with the staff sharing the excitement of the rest of the congregation about the arrival of a new senior pastor. Adding to this excitement is the fact that by God’s grace Southwood has weathered a lengthy transition period and even moved forward in many areas for the sake of the… [more] August 1, 2010 | Will Spink

Snapshots through Peru
Snapshots through Peru

While working hard in Cusco for most of the week, the team had an opportunity to visit the site in Urubamba where a flood this past year washed away the home for street boys. Southwood youth teams have worked diligently making adobe bricks and playing with the boys at this site in years past. It was heartbreaking to see the pain on the faces of the… [more] August 1, 2010 | Jonathan Barnette

shepherding: smaller groups, better care
shepherding: smaller groups, better care

As I trust is evident through all of this strategic planning discussion, Southwood has been and will continue to be about people. The heart of the church leadership is to see more and more devoted disciples of Jesus Christ reveling in His love and fighting to advance His Kingdom.

Part of this process involves equipping and caring for followers… [more] May 24, 2010 | Will Spink

Easter Lilies

The feeling of Spring was in the air and the scent of Easter lilies filled the Southwood Sanctuary.  Thanks to the loving hands of the Flower Guild committee, led by Jane Bise, our church was filled with joy, spring blooms, sweet scents, and busy ladies bringing out the cross and draping it with cloth and flowers this past Easter Sunday. … [more] April 1, 2010 | Jenny Fleming and Jane Bise

Anna Ministry Valentine Luncheon

On Saturday, February 13th, the Anna Ministry Valentine’s luncheon was held at the home of Bob and Lynn Frederick. Fortunately, the weather cooperated, and fourteen ladies were able to attend. During the luncheon, some of the ladies were asked how they met their husbands. Ivy Barber reminisced about the courtship she had with her husband, saying,… [more] February 23, 2010 | Rebekah Frederick

Women and Chocolate

What woman doesn’t love chocolate?  This is one of the questions Southwood Women’s Ministry considered as they brainstormed on ways to encourage the women serving our church.  During the hours of 9:45 to 10:45 am each Sunday, there are about 50 women serving our kids in the Children’s Sunday School classes.  These… [more] February 18, 2010 | Jenny Fleming

Leadership Forum

“...it is not good for man to be alone.”
  If you were to ask me what God said at the end of each of the days of His creating the world, I could quickly answer, “He saw what He had made… and it was good.”  Nailed it!  Five points of Bible trivia awarded to me.
  But if you… [more] February 11, 2010 | Winnie Winford

how i found my soul sister
how i found my soul sister

“I have nothing in common with her” …was my first thought leaving our introductory lunch—a blind pairing for youth ministry by a church staff member. “The generation gap,” I thought, “is just the first barrier.”

The differences, at least to me, were significant. Her “covenant” childhood… [more] October 1, 2009 | Diane Brown

Women’s Roadtrip
Women’s Roadtrip

Find your soul sister in the mountains of Mentone during the Women’s Roadtrip coming up October 23-25.  Not only will you find your soul sister, but you’ll gain Biblical insight into a deeper relationship with Christ from our speaker, Lisa Peck.  Lisa and her husband, Carl, are professional counselors in Huntsville and share… [more] September 22, 2009 | Suzi Bolton

The Call of the Crayon
The Call of the Crayon

In the past few weeks at Southwood, we have heard and seen a lot about “growing small.” As a large church, one of our challenges is to make sure that we as members are engaged in our church in a significant way and that as we grow small together as a body of believers, we take what we have learned and are learning out into the world and… [more] September 1, 2009 | Amy Gandy

When life gives you lemons…
When life gives you lemons…

In today’s modern world, few parents have to face the bitter pain of losing a child they love. But Nancy Guthrie has faced such pain twice, burying two of her children who lived only six months. Those who have watched her and her husband,  David, walk through such loss, as well as the millions who have read their story worldwide in TIME… [more] August 2, 2009 | Sally McFadden

Valentine’s Day With A Twist
Valentine’s Day With A Twist

The world sets our expectations that Valentine’s Day should be flowers, candy or a candlelit dinner for two with that special someone. For those who are alone, this yearly reminder of what you do not have—or what you have lost may leave one sad. Southwood’s twenty-somethings singles group teamed up with Jen and Tim Kauffman to host… [more] March 1, 2009 | Katherine Spearing and Emily Park

Judy Honeycutt: More Than a Pastor’s Wife
Judy Honeycutt: More Than a Pastor’s Wife

The search committee which brought the Honeycutts to Southwood made it clear to Judy and Mike when they came to Huntsville that the church’s expectations for Judy were first and foremost to take care of her husband and family, knowing ministry and pastoring is exhausting. Judy’s main job was to be family. Whatever she chose to be involved… [more] February 1, 2009 | Nanette Respess

Women’s Bible Study

For years, Debbie Jones has been accustomed to the preparation required weeks before her first graders entered her classroom for the first time. Though Debbie has been retired from teaching after a twenty-five year career, she continues to use her talents to administer our Morning and Evening Edition Bible studies.

Debbie’s new ‘class’… [more] August 15, 2008 | Teri McQuinn

One Woman’s Dress

Who doesn’t enjoy a wedding filled with flowers, colorful dresses, glorious bouquets of flowers, and a radiant, bedeckeed bride walking the aisle to meet her groom? Summer weddings draw us to churches to be part of the ceremony that creates a new family when a man is covenantally joined to a woman. We love the story of how they met, the proposal… [more] June 15, 2008 | Nanette Respess

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